Halftime and ad space

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Is there a difference between "Halftime" and "Ad Space"?

Yes, There is.

What is the difference?

Halftime is original pre recorded video content that doesn't promote any product or service which makes it free to submit.

Ad Space Video Content is intended for promoting a product or service such as but not limited to

Your Etsy page
Art Commissions
Your Pizzeria
Computer Repair Services
Your Youtube Channel

Video Editing Service
Your wireless earbuds that everyone talks about but everyone who isn't paid to talk about them say's they're "These earbuds have too much bass"

Unlike halftime submissions, Ad Space is not free see pricing below. Halftime and Ad space is also shown at different times.

How long can halftime and ad space be?

Halftime submissions can be up to 5 minutes long, 10 if you have a really intriguing skit.

Ad Space can be up to 5 minutes, see pricing below.

How do I submit to halftime or buy ad space?

It's simple. Just Contact us at (redacted)

You MUST use Google Drive to submit your file

your file must either be in a MP4 or MOV format, aim for a 1080p resolution for the best viewing experience on stream.

Ad Space Pricing

This is the fun part, The price of your spot depends on how long your video is.

5 Seconds - $5 USD

10 Seconds - $10 USD

30 Seconds - $15 USD

60 seconds - $30 USD

2 Minutes - $55 USD

3 Minutes- $75 USD

5 Minutes, Entire Commercial Spot - $100

Remember, we don't make your advertisement video for you, you must create it yourself or have someone else make it for you... I'd love to make it for you but I've got too much on my plate.

the rules

Your halftime submission doesn't have that many limits, just nothing rated R or near that line.
Halftime submissions can NOT be uploaded before June 12th or they will be disqualified.

Both Halftime and Ad Space content can NOT use any content that will demonetize the stream, even if you have a license for it.

If you are promoting a product or service it can not be any drugs or junk like that.
Same goes for anything that is illegal, we will not condone it.

Check back frequently for updates.

We reserve the right to refuse any content that we see fit.
Don't make us contact a lawyer that would really put a wrench in our plans.

Submission Deadline

May 31st